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10 Jan 2014

Top tech predictions for the year 2014

As technology advances in our society, some individuals worry
18 Dec 2013

Holiday gift ideas for geeks

Christmas is approaching and while the holidays fill us
29 Nov 2013
ultimate gay fighter

Ultimate Gay Fighter, the video game that features gay stereotypes

We all know the infamous video game “Street Fighter”,
21 Nov 2013

Gay Game Convention Is Making Their Own 8-Bit Adventure Game

If you are a gay and geeky gamer, you
16 Nov 2013
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Gay fan made “Thor 2″ movie poster accidentally used in Shanghai cinema

If I knew that China was so gay-friendly, I
15 Nov 2013

Mulan is now transgender according to Tim Manley’s new book

It’s always weird when people ruin our childhood memories
13 Sep 2013

Batwoman writers quit after DC Comics bans gay wedding

Whoever knew DC Comics was so homophobic? Recently comic
15 Aug 2013

GaymerX hosts the world’s first gay gaming and tech convention in San Francisco

Around two weeks ago, GaymerX hosted its first ever