Daniel Franzese from “Mean Girls” comes out officially


If you’re a fan of chick flicks, you’ve probably watched the infamous movie “Mean Girls” at least once or a few times in your lifetime. One of the main characters includes Damian, who was described as almost “too gay to function” in the movie. Recently the actor Daniel Franzese came out of the closet in a heartwarming letter published on Indiewire:

“There were industry people who had seen me play you in Mean Girls but never seen me read in an audition but still denied me to be seen for ‘masculine’ roles…Damian, you had ruined my life and I was really pissed at you. I became celibate for a year and a half.  I didn’t go to any gay bars, have any flings and I lied to anyone who asked if I was gay. I even brought a girl to the ‘Mean Girls’ premiere and kissed her on the red carpet, making her my unwitting beard. Meanwhile, I was still in the closet. Deleting tweets that asked if I was gay, scrubbing IMDB Message Boards for any indication.”

I can’t believe it has officially been 10 years since the movie “Mean Girls” first came out! So much has happened since the launch of this movie – Lindsay Lohan has become a washed out actress and drug addict, Rachel McAdams stars as the sweet and elegant girl in rom-coms and Tina Fey has become one of the most popular female comedians in Hollywood. While homosexuality is constantly mocked and ridiculed in movies, we should remind people that homosexuality is not a choice, but a biological trait and people can’t simply turn straight and become “mainstream” for the sake of others.

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