Xiang Xiaohan becomes the first heterosexual man to sue the Chinese government


Whenever we hear about China, our neighbour in the Far East, there is always news about creative-minded individuals like Ai Wei-wei imprisoned for fully expressing his creative freedom. While the slightest misconduct could land you jail time in this country, Xiang Xiaohan actually has the balls to actively sue the Chinese government!

LGBT activist Xiang Xiaohan is the first gay man to sue the Chinese government – in the past he attempted to register his group Same-Sex Love Assistance Network as a non-governmental organisation, but after his application was denied, he filed an official lawsuit against the government in Changsha. However, the local government ignored his lawsuit by claiming that homosexuality is insignificant in Chinese traditional culture and the country is “the building of spiritual civilisation”.

This is not the first time that Xiang Xiaohan has run into trouble with the law – in fact last year, he was arrested for organising a gay rights march in the middle of Changsha city. Despite his continuous efforts to support homosexuality and fight against the Chinese government, more enthusiastic individuals need to join him to become more convincing and powerful in the pursuit of homosexual rights in the country.

Despite this humiliating rejection, Xiang Xiaohan has gained global recognition for his bravery and actions to change China’s perspective on homosexuality. Hopefully this will inspire more individuals around the world to take a stand against homophobic countries who want to keep the status quo of 18th century rules. And yes – I’m looking at you, Vladimir Putin of Russia!

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